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We’re proud to be making a difference to the Waikato’s medical research community. Join us in supporting and promoting the careers of local researchers at the forefront of life-saving discoveries.

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Research saves lives

Promoting, encouraging and funding medical research from here in the Waikato region, that benefits all people, across the globe.


Projects that we’ve supported cover a range of topics, from leukaemia, to head injury therapy, to coping with disability.

We’re pleased to invite high-level applicants to submit proposals in the fields of medical and health research.

Every donation makes a difference to Waikato’s medical and health research community.

Growing medical research in the Waikato

At Waikato Medical Research Foundation (WMRF), we promote, encourage and sustain medical research in the Waikato region. Our grants are synonymous with opportunity. With every grant we give, we are driving better outcomes for medical research.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we’re committed to growing our fund to, in turn, grow research opportunities.  All funding gifts help us to increase powerful research in the local environment, empower researchers and encourage education of both researchers and the public.

Research funding

WMRF is proud to play an integral role in the future of health and medicine by granting funds to high-quality applicants. We believe the Waikato has a world-class medical research community and our grantees are at the forefront of life-changing discoveries.

Each year, local researchers are invited to submit proposals, which are then carefully considered by the WMRF Board of Trustees and Grants Committee.

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By supporting the work of the Foundation, you are investing in the future health and wellbeing of our community. There are many ways in which you can become a supporter that will help us save lives now and into the future.

2021 Grant Round – Closed

Research proposals from early career investigators that are related to health and medical topics are invited to apply.